The Smile Project

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A smile is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Whether it’s someone you know or a complete stranger, that smile can change their day completely. What if you could create more smiles, to spread that gift even further?

We believe that a few simple acts of service–and of course smiles–have the power to change the world. That’s why we started The Smile Project. Every time you complete 3 acts of service, let us know and you will be entered into a weekly drawing! And while you’re at it, send us pictures of the good you’re doing in the world so we can see the difference our community of smiles is making.

To tell us about your service, fill out the card below and bring it to the office, or just let us know on Facebook. You can email pictures here.

Let’s spread some smiles, and change the world!

The Kids' Dentist Smiles Card

Surf and Smiles

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