Thanksgiving Dinner Tips for Healthy Teeth

When you and your family sit down for Thanksgiving this month, you’re almost assuredly going to be in for a delicious treat! Obviously, not many people are worrying too much about their health when they eat a Thanksgiving dinner. And that’s totally fine! It’s a holiday, why shouldn’t you relax for a day? However, by just doing a couple little things during Thanksgiving dinner, you can take care of your dental health at the same time as down some amazing grub. Here are some Thanksgiving dinner tips for healthy teeth…

Don’t skimp on the vegetables

No matter how much turkey and gravy the classic Thanksgiving dinner has, there is also an assured amount of veggies to chomp down on, as well. Make sure to stress to your kid that they balance out all of the starch and other things they are eating with some vegetables, so that they can get a healthy helping of vitamins and minerals that are going to strengthen their teeth at the same time as everything else.

Get an extra helping of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, surprisingly, might be one of the healthiest things that you have sitting at your Thanksgiving dinner (probably not after we all drown them in butter and marshmallows, but still). Sweet potatoes contain a tremendous amount of vitamin C, and has nutrients that lead to stronger bones, which inherently means some stronger teeth!

Watch out for pies

You’ve got to have a slice of pie with your Thanksgiving dinner. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pie! However, if there’s one thing that you probably don’t want to overdo for your teeth on Thanksgiving, it’s the pie. Pies are typically high in sugar, and require quite a bit of chewing to swallow, which means that all of that sugar gets all over your teeth to decay the enamel. Have your pie, but don’t overdo it!

Stick with water for a beverage

With all of that amazing food, you’re definitely going to need a drink to wash it down. We highly recommend sticking to water (or maybe tea) for this drink! Thanksgiving dinners are already tremendously high in calories, and adding liquid calories on top of that is going add another bunch of calories that you probably don’t want. On top of that, drinking water and letting it rush through your teeth helps get all of the gunk off to prevent enamel decay.

Also, don’t forget to brush and floss after you are done eating! And have a happy Thanksgiving!

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