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Sandra on 01/22/2013

"They were wonderful!"

Anonymous on 01/17/2013

"My 3 year old finally let them clean her teeth. They were very patient as she decided if she would let them or not."

Andrea Taber on 01/08/2013

"For this being our twins' first dental visit ever, I was pleasantly surprised that no tears were shed. I have never met a more caring and attentive staff anywhere. I will deffinatly recommend The Kids' Dentist to anyone with kids."

Anonymous on 01/03/2013

"The office was very friendly and welcoming as we came in. I was a little frantic because I was running late, and the staff was very understanding. Dr. Jared was very friendly with my daughters and took the time to chat with them to put them at ease. He is the best pediatric dentist"

Anonymous on 12/19/2012

"The staff was great!! My girls are 2 1/2 and they were so great with them!!"

Janel Dawson on 12/14/2012

"My son is 2 and he had a great experience. They kept him smiling and made everything entertaining and not scary."

Holly T on 12/12/2012

"I give the office 5 stars for the following reasons. The ladies who check you in for your appointment are completely professional and friendly. Meagan and Dr. Jared have a magic touch with kids. My 4 year old is terrified of going to the dentist and is strong willed. Meagan is amazingly patient (so is Dr. Jared). We continue to trust them and find comfort in the way Meagan and Dr. Jared care for our children."

Anonymous on 12/09/2012

"All of your staff was very friendly and so helpful. Very patient with my both of my son and just went with the flow."

Eric B. on 12/05/2012

"Very friendly staff. Dr. Lothyan always remembers my kids and is able to see all three at the same time. Plus, he did all the extra work without having to make an additional appointment. My kids love the place."

Mariah C. on 12/04/2012

"They are very gentle and patient with the children and give the parents a full understanding on what they need to do and what is going with the child"

HT on 11/28/2012

"My 4 daughter was less than excited about the dentist, but Dr. Jared and Meagan, were able to calmly communicate and encourage her to have her cleaning done. We are very thankful to have a competent, compassionate and trustworthy Pediatric Dental office close by. Meagan is the best dental assistant we have ever had!"

Anonymous on 11/22/2012

"My daughter needed some cavities filled. I was very impressed with how quickly Dr. Jared got the job done and yet took the time to make us feel important. He talked to my daughter the whole time telling her how good she was doing. I was very impressed. Thank you!"

Anonymous on 11/20/2012

"My daughter had an excellent experience at "

The Kid's Dentist.

" It was her first visit and they were very kind and nice and the exam was very thorough. I especially appreciated the discussion on future orthodontic needs. She's looking forward to her next cleaning in 6 months!"

Anonymous on 11/12/2012

"Great dentist!"

EMoore on 11/07/2012

"Wonderful staff and we love Dr. Jared! Very patent with my strongwilled daughter."

Sarah on 11/06/2012

"This appointment went excellent and I was prepped for a disaster! My child just turned two, has a feeding tube because he doesn't like things in his mouth, and throws a stink when I brush his teeth. Your hygienist had him opening his mouth AND sitting by himself in the big boy chair!!! Every one of his teeth got cleaned and he never shed a tear! Can I bring her home?"

Tracey R. on 11/03/2012

"Dr.Jonathan was great, his assistant Rochelle was also really helpful they made my daughter feel safe and not scared about the procedure (she had to get 2 fillings) I absolutely LOVE their office and will be taking my baby there once she gets big enough as well, the office is really welcoming and all about the kids! definitely recommend them to any one !"

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