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1 Sep 2017

As a parent, you understand the importance of your child’s oral hygiene. They need to develop strong habits at an early age so that they stay healthy into adulthood. You might have purchased a fun toothbrush, or maybe you have a routine that helps your child feel more comfortable with brushing and flossing. You can also take your child to a special pediatric dentist. While general practitioners provide excellent care, here are a few reasons why you should specifically consider a pediatric dentist: Continue Reading

No parent wants to hear that their child has a cavity… again. Sometimes, even when you’re trying your best to keep them brushing, it’s still not enough.

Are Baby Teeth Softer?

This dilemma can be so frustrating, in fact, that it’s given rise to the myth that children’s teeth are just softer than adults, and more prone to cavities. But it’s not true. Baby teeth and adult teeth have the same chances of getting a cavity. The difference is in the brushing. Continue Reading

As pediatric dentists, we understand the important role that healthy eating can play in strong dental and oral health. This is especially true for children. Because encouraging children to eat nutritious and teeth-friendly foods can be difficult, here is a look at ways that you can promote healthy eating in the home. Continue Reading

As you teach your child to brush her teeth, a lot of questions can arise. One of the most common ones we hear is, “Should my toddler be using toothpaste?”

Fluoride, Used Correctly, Is an Amazing Tool
Fluoride has been proven in numerous studies to strengthen teeth against decay, especially in children. Children aren’t necessarily more prone to cavities, but they are usually worse at brushing their teeth and getting all the nooks and crannies. This is why we use every tool we can get to prevent painful, destructive decay in your child’s teeth. Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means that the grocery store aisles are filled with Valentine’s Day themed chocolates and gummy candies. And as fun as it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat or two, all of that candy can really take a toll on your dental health. So whether you’re sending your child to school with special Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates, or you’re looking for something to give to your children this Valentine’s Day, here are 10 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids that aren’t candy. Continue Reading

Does your child want to grow up to be a dentist?  While this may seem like a strange wish, we hope you support your child in their dream.  To be a dentist, you have to be smart, brave, and good with people.  What parent wouldn’t want their child to grow up with these qualities?  Dentists also can make quite a bit of money, and if your child becomes a dentist, he or she will have the potential to have a successful career. However, it may seem daunting to help your child become a dentist, as you might not know much about the field.  We have answered a few questions that you might have below. Continue Reading

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