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No parent wants to hear that their child has a cavity… again. Sometimes, even when you’re trying your best to keep them brushing, it’s still not enough.

Are Baby Teeth Softer?

This dilemma can be so frustrating, in fact, that it’s given rise to the myth that children’s teeth are just softer than adults, and more prone to cavities. But it’s not true. Baby teeth and adult teeth have the same chances of getting a cavity. The difference is in the brushing. Continue Reading

When you think of dental appliances, you normally think of a teenager wearing braces, but some dental appliances are used earlier to protect a child’s mouth, prepare it for braces, and help the permanent teeth grow in correctly.  Below is a list of common appliances used to correct oral problems in children.   Continue Reading

There is an old wives tale that you will lose a tooth for every child you have.  While this is a myth, your teeth take quite the beating during pregnancy.  While you are pregnant, your body experiences an increase in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, and that can change how your body reacts to plaque.   Read on to learn how this affects your oral hygiene.   Continue Reading

As you are teaching your kids about proper dental care, it’s a good idea to teach them in a fun way.  Instead of just telling them that they need to brush their teeth or they will get cavities, teach them interesting facts about their teeth and mouth that will get them excited.  Read on for fun and interesting facts about the teeth and mouth.   Continue Reading

Sports drinksMany teens and young adults drink what seems to be an endless amount of sports drinks and energy drinks.  Many of them believe that the drinks will help them perform better in school, in sports, compensate for a lack of sleep, be better to drink than soda, and a whole lot of other popular myths.  We already know a lot of the adverse effects of energy drinks, such as: headaches, cardiac arrest, increased anxiety, insomnia, Type 2 Diabetes, risky behavior, high blood pressure, and more.  Recent studies have come out stating why sports drinks are bad for you as well (they can lead to weight gain, dehydration, hyponatremia, or excessive sodium, and energy crashes).  Both energy drinks and sports drinks have negative effects on the body, including damages to your teeth.  Read on for the top dental problems that sports and energy drinks can lead to. Continue Reading

Slapping headIt seems that there is a universal law of vacation that states: You will forget something.  The object forgotten is directly proportionate to the distance of the vacation spot from home times the difficulty it would be to obtain said object.  For example, if you travel to a remote island in Tahiti, you will forget something very important, like your credit card.  Luckily, the universe tends to believe that your toothbrush is the most important and difficult to obtain object.  Hence, many people forget their toothbrushes when they go on vacation.  We’ve all been there, the first time was a sleepover at your cousin’s house when you were six, the second time, a school trip a few years later.   The third, fourth, fifth, and nine hundredth time flew by so quickly, you almost forgot about each one.  So if you forget your toothbrush, what can you do? Continue Reading

baby teethIt can be easy to underestimate the importance of primary teeth, also known as baby teeth. They don’t stick around for long—a child will have them for between 5 and 10 years, and then they are replaced by permanent, or adult, teeth. Even when this is the case, however, it’s highly important for your children to practice healthy dental care habits to keep their primary teeth in tip-top shape. Here are 4 reasons that primary teeth are so important. Continue Reading

chewing gumMany adults, and even children who are old enough, maintain a daily habit of chewing gum directly after or between meals to maintain fresh smelling breath, but is this gum really beneficial to dental health, or is it actually detrimental? While of course sugared varieties of gum are to be avoided, many arguments have been made for the benefits of sugar-free chewing gum. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of sugar-free chewing gum when it comes to dental health. Continue Reading

closeup of child's mouthGingivitis is an affliction of the gums that more people than you think experience. In fact, many people have some degree of gingivitis, causing them to suffer from inflamed gums that bleed when they floss their teeth. Therefore, teaching your children early on about the dangers of gingivitis and how they can prevent it with routine dental care will serve them well for years to come. Continue Reading

Girl Eating YogurtSummer is coming to an end and your kids are meeting their new teachers and learning their first lessons in school. You may be relieved to have a few hours to yourself during the day, but what do you do when your kids are home and hungry? What should you feed them between the end of school and dinnertime?

There are some fantastic healthy and teeth-friendly snacks that will replenish your children and keep them satisfied until you ring the dinner bell. Here are a few tried and true (and easy) ideas. Continue Reading

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