When you and your family sit down for Thanksgiving this month, you’re almost assuredly going to be in for a delicious treat! Obviously, not many people are worrying too much about their health when they eat a Thanksgiving dinner. And that’s totally fine! It’s a holiday, why shouldn’t you relax for a day? However, by just doing a couple little things during Thanksgiving dinner, you can take care of your dental health at the same time as down some amazing grub. Here are some Thanksgiving dinner tips for healthy teeth… Continue Reading

Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are an important part of every balanced diet, and should probably consist of a majority of our food intake. However, not enough thought goes into what foods are benefiting our teeth. When trying to get your child to eat snacks that are good for their overall health, remember to consider what types of nutrients they are getting to protect their dental health, as well. Here are some fruits and vegetables that are good for your child’s dental health… Continue Reading

1 Sep 2017

As a parent, you understand the importance of your child’s oral hygiene. They need to develop strong habits at an early age so that they stay healthy into adulthood. You might have purchased a fun toothbrush, or maybe you have a routine that helps your child feel more comfortable with brushing and flossing. You can also take your child to a special pediatric dentist. While general practitioners provide excellent care, here are a few reasons why you should specifically consider a pediatric dentist: Continue Reading

When it comes to dental habits that are important for kids to learn, there are pretty much two key things that all dentists agree are more important than everything else: flossing and brushing. Ever since we were kids, we’ve all been told to make sure that we floss everyday, and brush twice a day. Admittedly, this has led to most people brushing fairly regularly, but flossing over periodically. Is this a good thing? If we absolutely had to forego one dental habit, should it be flossing or brushing? Which is actually more beneficial? Here’s some information on that. Continue Reading

Sometimes, whether due to a broken tooth or one that has been worn down by decay and poor tooth care, it is necessary for a tooth to essentially be rebuilt out of a variety of different materials. When it comes to these times, there are a variety of different options that dentists and patients have about how their smile is going to be fixed! These options are crowns, fillings, and implants. Indeed, the options can be quite confusing, though, if you aren’t aware of how each one works. To help clear up some of that confusion, here is a breakdown of the differences between crowns, fillings, and implants… Continue Reading

We all know that drinking water is good for us, but our children seem to be hard to convince that water is a better alternative to juice or soda. And while we would prefer they only drink water, we understand that some battles can’t be entirely won. However, there are a few reasons that we should try to get our children to drink water that benefit their teeth and overall oral health.

Tap water contains a small amount of fluoride

This means that drinking water will strengthen their teeth and help protect them from cavities. Consuming a small amount of fluoride regularly is responsible for a decrease in tooth decay in both children and adults.

Reduce sugary drinks

The more water we get into our children, the less they’ll be drinking their favorite sugary drink alternatives. Which leads to less tooth decay, and a happier child(with a better smile!).

It prevents dehydration

Some sugary drinks, especially soda, can dehydrate the body, leaving their body needing hydration. If they continue drinking sweetened beverages to quench this thirst, their body will just need water even more! When they drink water, their body is benefiting, not just their teeth.

Water has no calories

Although your child isn’t, and shouldn’t, be concerned with calories or diet, it’s important for us to give our children healthy food and drink to keep them healthy and functioning at 100%. Water is naturally calorie free, which means that not only is water the healthiest choice, but it promotes a healthier diet overall.

Water will clear the sugars from their teeth

Since it’s inevitable that your child will be drinking beverages besides water, it’s important to balance those other drinks with water. Water will help naturally keep their teeth clean throughout the day, which will reduce plaque buildup, and make brushing their teeth at night a less painful experience.

Flushes toxins from their body

Not only does drinking water help clean your child’s’ teeth, but it will help clean out the rest of their body. It will help remove any toxins and aids digestion. This is one of the reasons why drinking extra water when they’re feeling sick is so important! It will help move the infection and toxins out of their body, so they’ll be feeling better quicker.

It can be hard to convince our kids to drink water, and we understand that. But it’s important that they’re drinking water everyday, not just for the health of their teeth, but for the health of their entire body.

No parent wants to hear that their child has a cavity… again. Sometimes, even when you’re trying your best to keep them brushing, it’s still not enough.

Are Baby Teeth Softer?

This dilemma can be so frustrating, in fact, that it’s given rise to the myth that children’s teeth are just softer than adults, and more prone to cavities. But it’s not true. Baby teeth and adult teeth have the same chances of getting a cavity. The difference is in the brushing. Continue Reading

It’s important to practice strong dental hygiene with your kids on a daily basis. And if there are areas in your dental hygiene routine where you can improve, the beginning of a new year is a great time to work on them. Here is a look at five simple dental care resolutions you might consider making with your kids at the start of 2017. Continue Reading

As pediatric dentists, we understand the important role that healthy eating can play in strong dental and oral health. This is especially true for children. Because encouraging children to eat nutritious and teeth-friendly foods can be difficult, here is a look at ways that you can promote healthy eating in the home. Continue Reading

“Plaque” and “tartar” are two words that you see frequently in the world of dental health, and chances are you’ve spotted toothpastes that are targeted against precisely these two things. But what are plaque and tartar, exactly? Here is what you need to know about them. Continue Reading

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